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Samson Hydraulic Press

Introducing the New “People’s Press!welles1

Get 20%...30%...up to 50% more juice from your expensive organic fruits and vegetables*

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every juicer*

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  • Saves Money by Getting More Juice from Organic Produce!
    After making two quarts of juice from another juicer, you can press the left over pulp and get as much as another quart!*
  • Pressing Reclaims Nutrients Left in Pulp from other Juicers
    The pulp from organic vegetables is too valuable to be discarded! Pressing actually releases many additional vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are chemically bound to the pulp.
  • Maximizes Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables
    The healing power of green, leafy vegetables can only be fully released through pressing. Pressed juice is quickly assimilated and produces a surprising energy.

Save money on Organic Produce!
Estimated additional juice you can get from your juicer pulp:*

  • Juiceman: 33%-55% more juice!
  • Omega/Acme: 15%-30% more Juice!
  • Champion: 40%-50% more juice!
  • Samson: 10-20% more juice!
  • Green Power: 10-20% more juice!

* Yields vary depending on type of produce and juicer.

The original, affordable and famous Welles Press is no longer being manufactured. However, some folks I know bought the rights and the design in order to make juice pressing affordable once again! Now you can easily and quickly squeeze as much as 20%, 30% or even more additional juice from the pulp of your other juicers (varies with model and produce).

Juice pressing was originally popularized by Dr. Norman Walker in the early 1900's. He believed in juice pressing, bowel cleansing and proper food eaten in the right combinations to regain and maintain good health. He preferred pressing juice as the means to get this vital essence out of vegetables. In his times of soil depletion, he felt it was essential to press juice to stay well. Dr. Walker lived to be 114. Dr. Max Gersen seized upon Dr. Walker's truths and used juice pressing, coffee enemas*, thyroid and liver support and diet as the foundation of his disease treatment. These two great men are a testament to the benefits of juice pressing!

Today the soils are more depleted than ever, and we are beset with issue that these great doctor’s never had to face, from new pesticides and parasites to unimagined hybrids and genetically engineered organisms! Pressing fresh, organic vegetables is truly more important now than it was then !welles

Constructed of White Powder-Coated Steel with Stainless Steel Splash Plate. Shipped Broken Down. Easily Assembled in Minutes. Dimensions: 14" High, 9" Wide, 9" Deep. Weight: 26 Pounds. Accessories Included: Instructions on Pressing, 2 Pressing Cloths



How to Press
Take the pulp which is normally discarded and place in the a pressing cloth (included). Fold cloth over pulp and place on tray. Raise the tray up by pumping the handle up and down for 10-15 seconds. Juice will flow into collecting jar, ready to drink.

Clean-up is simple.
Slide the tray and press plate out and rinse these two in warm water. The cloth should also be rinsed in warm water, and put into the freezer to keep sterile.


every Juicer!

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