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Raw Food MarketPlace


These are some of my favorite products. Many of them I use myself every day. And they all meet my 10-point guidelines for quality & value!

This isn’t your typical raw food product catalog. In the first place, it is very selective. I am not putting everything but a raw kitchen sink on my web site. Instead, I like to share about the products that I have personally tried or use every day - products I admire and respect.

So in my MarketPlace you’ll discover some of the best raw food products I can find. I have personally selected these from thousands of possibilities. To be in my MarketPlace, products must come up to my personal standards for excellence and value. I created a 10-point list of guidelines that I use for evaluating the products I am willing to personally recommend to you.

  1. Food products should be 100% raw. So-called “transitional foods” can be an important part of making a transition to a raw lifestyle, and may not be 100% raw. But if I offer anything like that it will usually have only a small amount of some essential ingredient that is not available raw. Anything like that will be fully disclosed, and will not significantly detract from your raw food lifestyle.
  2. All food items should be 100% Certified Organic. Again, there may be some rare exceptions. For example, some small farms cannot afford the cost of USDA Organic Certification and some pre-packaged products may have some non-organic ingredients.
  3. Providers of imported products should be committed to the ideals of “fair trade” practices and social justice in which employees and farmers are treated fairly and sustainable environmental practices are followed.
  4. I may actually use many of these products myself, or at least I may have tried them!
  5. I must have a good personal relationship with the supplier that I trust, and my customers can trust.
  6. My vendors should be motivated by a sense of higher purpose and ideals as I am, and as believe my readers are.
  7. Products must actually make a significant difference to the lives of my readers and customers.
  8. They should be unique or innovative in some way, things you just can’t get on hundreds of other web sites for less money.
  9. Products must represent an excellent value for the customer. Value is a combination of purchase price, quality and customer service.
  10. Suppliers must have a reputation for their commitment to customer service and support.

Sure, you can buy a juicer for $20 less at some web sites. But they are just online catalogs trying to jump on the growing raw foods bandwagon! They may not even be raw foodists themselves! Some of these online catalogs don’t even tell you much about what you want to buy - you have to research that on your own. They usually have no articles, no research, no education - not even a recipe. On the other hand, when I created the MarketPlace section on juicers, I spent weeks developing a dozen pages of articles, research and information on juicers and juicing designed to give you everything you need to be an informed consumer and user of these products! So if you define value as more than just price, but quality and service as well, my MarketPlace is hard to beat!

Great 2013 Deals

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Original Blendtec HP3A

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SAVE $100vitamix turboblend blender
Vitamix TurboBlend VS Blender features new variable speed control, whopping 7-year warranty, 4 FREE BONUSES plus my own free gifts and free shipping!! Reg. $549.
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Also Available:
Blendtec Extreme Blender
20 AMP Pro-sumer Blender. Convertible for Counter Top or Under Counter use. Reg. $1,399. NOW $1,033.95

SAVE $120Kuvings Silent  Juicer
The KUVINGS SILENT JUICER is the most powerful vertical masticating juicer yet - for a fraction of the price! With 3 HP motor, GE Ultem auger & screen. List $468, reg. $469
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Omega Vertical Juicer
The Omega Vertical Juice r with an indestructable GE ULTEM auger & heavy duty screen. Designer black & chrome. Use coupon OMEGA-20. Reg. $429.95
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SAVE $80!.
Hurom 3rd Generation
Vertical Juice

Hurom invented the vertical juicer & makes the functionally identical Omega! New Ultem screen & auger, self cleaning design, more!
JUST $359.95
Reg. $439.95

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Newest Green Star Elite
Green Star Elite
With new larger, more powerful JUMBO biomagnetic twin gears. Now with Extended
12-YEAR Warranty!
Reg. $629.95

My Price $529.95

Save Over $300.00
Super Angel 5500 JuicerSuper Angel 5500
100% stainless steel combined with the most advanced twin-gear technology gives you the best twin-gear juicer in the world by any measure! Juicing more efficienty means you get as much as 20-50% more than other juicers.Reg. $1,399. NOW $1,150.00

. Samson Advanced Multifunction Juicers are functionally comparable to Omegas and maybe even better! 4 colors to choose from. Reg. $339


Green Power Kempo Juicer SAVE $30.00
Green Power Juicer is the best compact style twin gear juicer! Reg. $499.99.
SALE $469.99

Save $49.95!.
Omega 8006
Deluxe Black & Chrome designer mode with GE Ultem augerl. Reg. $349.95 JUST $299.95


Life 9000New 9-PLATE LIFE
00 Turbio Max! The new, more powerful LIFE 9000 features more plates, more power, more of everything you want! FREE GIFTS & FREE US SHIPPING.  Reg $2,997  NOW $2,497

7500NEWEST LIFE 7700! The newest 7-plate LIFE 7700 Convertible Water Ionizer is the best bang for the buck without the premium you pay for MLM models. FREE GIFTS & FREE US SHIPPING. 
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Tribest Sedona DehydratorSave $30
New Tribest Sedona 9-tray Professional Dehydrator
featuring breakthrough design with dual chamber dual fan technology, glass door, digital controls, BPA-FREE through-out & built-in 150-hr timer, 600 watts. . Reg. $410.00
Just $379.00



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