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Vitamix Ascent Blenders – the Most Powerful for Your Own Kitchen!

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Vitamix has the perfect blenders for your healthy, raw food lifestyle — the latest Vitamix Ascent blender! I love this terrific blender because it gives my readers the best Vitamix ever to create a healthier lifestyle. That is a goal that I share with Vitamix. Now you can improve your life with better nutrition and plenty of whole, organic raw foods, from energy soups to green smoothies. If the latest Vitamix Ascent blenders aren’t the best you’ve ever tried, I’ll give your money back after you’ve used the blender for 30 days to give it a real trial! Get  my $19.95 e-book with your purchase and FREE Shipping, too.


Vitamix Ascent 2300Finally, Vitamix has put together the perfect package for a healthy, raw food lifestyle — the latest Vitamix Ascent blenders! I am excited about these terrific blenders because it lets me offer my readers the best Vitamix yet. People buy a Vitamix for many reasons but the most common is to create a healthier lifestyle. That is a goal that I personally share with Vitamix and this blender can truly help you reach that goal. Now you can improve your life with better nutrition and more whole raw foods, from energy soups to green smoothies.

Vitamix Ascent blenders are one of the most powerful home blenders on the market today. In this one powerful appliance you get a blender, a smoothie machine, a juicer, a mixer, a grinder and more! Now with just this one powerful blender you can make everything from baby foods, breads and nut loaves to whipped cream, salsa — you name it!

It’s hard to say which of the high-powered blenders in this price range is the best. I owned a stainless steel Vitamix for over 20 years before I finally replaced it! Now the new Vitamix Ascent stands out thanks to its impressive 10-year warranty. It also includes a tamper to help push things into the blender, which is something many long-time Vitamix users prefer for making quick work of thick recipes that stall lesser blenders.

All the new Vitamix Ascent blenders offer the versatility you expect from Vitamix – combining a sleek design with the most modern features. So you get the first high-performance blenders with the latest features and technologies available, including built-in timers, wireless connectivity and a whole family of containers for both home and on the go.

The Right Model for Your Blending Style

The Vitamix Ascent A2500 features both program modes plus manual controls. Other new features include Wireless Connectivity that uses near-field communication (NFC) to identify which container is being used. This lets Ascent models use both full-size and personal-size containers. Ascent blenders only operate when they recognize a container, so previous Vitamix containers that don’t have NFC tags will not work.

All Ascent models feature a digital timer that displays the seconds and minutes of manual blends. A 6½ minute automatic cutoff lets the Ascent A2300 make soups! Just ramp up the speed to high, then the motor will turn itself off after the soup is smooth and hot. The A2500 also has a program mode with a timer that counts down the time remaining.

New Infinitely Variable Speed ControlAscent A2300 Faceplate

Variable speed control for more
direct control or just flip
the high-speed switch
to go straight to the max!

High-Tech Stainless Steel BladesAscent 64oz .Blades

Spinning at 240 MPH, the Vitamix high-tech
blades completely break open the cell walls
of your fruits and veggies, releasing all
the nutrition inside for instant,
easy absorption by your body.


Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender

The Vitamix A2500 blender offers three program settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts) to automatically adjust to the container you select. A built-in digital timer helps you achieve the perfect texture each time. Stylish design lets you put it anywhere in your kitchen. Compatible with an all Self-Detect containers.

  • Three program settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts) automatically adjust times and speeds for the container you select
  • Variable Speed Control for everything from chunky salsa to the smooth purées
  • Pulse feature for a burst of power to chop, knead and more
  • Digital Timer displays how long your blend has been running or how much time is left on your program

My Favorite Raw Food Vitamix Recipes

TIP: Eliminate fruit & agave if you have issues with sugar, such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, cancer, candida, etc. For kids in good health you can add MORE fruit to make things like bitter alkaline-forming dark greens more palatable.

Robert’s Easy Fruit Smoothie

1 cup of grapes
3-4 large strawberries (or blueberries, etc.)
1-2 pieces of watermelon with seeds
1-2 pieces of cantaloupe
2 pieces of pineapple with core
1/3-1/2 piece of frozen banana
1 tbs. of E3 Live Frozen Algae

Place ingredients in carafe, secure lid on top and push button #1.

Robert’s Raw Energy Shake

2 cups fresh juice, water, green tea, or almond
1 ripe frozen banana
I cup fresh fruit ( strawberries, raspberries, papaya, mango)
6 raw almonds (soaked overnight then rinsed)
1 tbs. E3 Live Frozen Algae
1 scoop SunWarrior Raw Protein Powder

Place liquids and high water- content fruits on bottom; then add solid ingredients. Secure lid and press button 2.

Robert’s Raw Alkaline Green Smoothie

2 cups filtered water
1/3 cup “raw” agave syrup (optional)
1/4 whole lemon, including peel for flavanoids
2-3 Tbsp. fresh, refrigerated flax oil (EFA’s)
1/2 lb. raw, washed spinach
1/2 avocado (more EFAs)
1/2 lb. chard, kale, collard greens (OR for the courageous add edible weeds like lambsquarter leaves, purslane, morning glory, and thistle – the most alkaline-forming foods you can get)
1-2 frozen bananas or other frozen fruit

Add water to carafe first, then greens. Puree for 90 seconds until very smooth. Gradually add fruit until the container is completely full and blend 90 seconds. Add any other fruit to taste. For a change, try a Green mineral shake by adding sea vegetables like dulse, kelp, arame, and wakame. These contain the most minerals out of any other food. I purchase them from a local Asian grocery

Robert’s Raw Coconut Delight

1 fresh Young Thai Coconut
1 Tbs. E3 Life Blue Green Algae (or similar)
1 chunk of aloe vera leaf
A few pieces of fruit to taste (strawberries, blueberries, mango)
A dash of agave nectar (eliminate if you have sugar issues)
1 scoop SunWarrior Raw protein powder (or similar)

Pop the top off your coconut and pour coconut water into the carafe. Split the coconut and spoon the meat into the carafe. Scoop in the jelly of a the aloe vera (approx. a 2″ square piece). Add the other ingredients. Blend!


Series: Ascent
Tamper: Presses thick mixtures toward blades  without having to scrape.
Blades: Laser-cut blades made of hardened stainless steel last for years
Container: Self-cleaning BPA-free Tritan® container guides content to blades for faster, smoother blends
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 17 in
Drive System: Strong metal drive securely joins the container and motor
HP: 2.2-peak blends tough, whole-food ingredients with ease
Electrical Ratings: 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
Weight: 11.86 lbs
Cord: 4 ft
Use: Household Blender
Manufacturer: Vitamix – Cleveland, Ohio USA

The Raw Truth about Horsepower

Horsepower alone, believe it or not, isn’t the most important factor determining a blender’s ability to effectively grind ingredients, breakdown cellular walls and increase the bio-availability of nutrients. Horsepower alone doesn’t translate into blade speed or blend efficiency. Some competitors use “input” horsepower which is misleading because low quality blenders burn up a lot of horsepower with heat delivering much less than they advertise. Vitamix uses the more accurate “peak motor output horsepower.” Like everything else, bigger isn’t always better. Some poorly designed 3 HP blenders don’t work as well as a highly-engineered 2 HP blender designed by the world’s most experienced company — Vitamix. It is the entire blender that determines quality — as well as the experience and reputation of the company. That is where Vitamix leaves the rest behind! And Vitamix is the only company to stand behind their new Ascent blenders  with an amazing 10-Year Warranty!

My Guarantee

My Ridiculous, Unheard of 30-Day Guarantee

1 year guaranteeImagine yourself 3 or 4 weeks from now. You’ve had a Vitamix Ascend blender not for just 7 days (a standard guarantee), not even 21 days – you’ve had it for a full 30 days — long enough to enjoy dozens of smoothie and recipes. Maybe you even lost a few pounds! Most importantly, that’s long enough to discover how much you love your Vitamix!

A full month from now you can decide for any reason, or no reason at all, that you aren’t 100% thrilled with your Vitamix Ascend blender and get a prompt, courteous refund. I only ask that you actually use the blender for a full 30 days. I know that when you do you will fall in love!

My distributor thinks I’m crazy. He says I’ll get inundated with returns. But I believe in you and this blender. I truly believe that once you have a Vitamix in your life you will never want to give it up. So I’m taking all the risk out of your purchase! You have nothing to lose! Get my favorite blender for yourself – then take all the time you need to put it to the test. I’ve have had my #1 raw food web site even longer. You can count on me to back up what I promise!

Click Buy Now and you’ll have your Vitamix in just a few short days. Then if for some reason you want your money back – no problem – no questions!

Vitamix Dealer

 dEALER lOGOWatch out for unauthorized sellers! If you buy from a seller that isn’t Authorized by Vitamix to sell online you won’t get their 10-year Warranty or my personal 30-day guarantee! Many online sellers are offering “grey market” items at lower price than normal — and are not Authorized.


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