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The Samson “Advanced” Multi-Purpose Juicer Does Everything You Need


The Samson 6-in-1 Juicer is packed with all the  features you’d expect from a world-class juicer — it even does wheatgrass! Samson juicers were always one of the best values in single-auger designs! Now the “Advanced” models make this more true than ever before. Plus, you get my personal 30-Day Guarantee, my $19.95 e-book and FREE shipping!



Child JuicingFinally, a state-of-the art, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean single-auger juicer you can afford! The Samson 6-in-1 Juicer is loaded with features that you’d expect from higher-priced models – and even has some they missed! It even does wheatgrass! Samson juicers were always one of the best values in single-auger designs! Now the “Advanced” models make this more true than ever before!

  • Exclusive GE Ultem Auger with Stainless Steel Insert
  • GE Ultem & Stainless Steel Juicing Screen & Mincing Cone
  • Improved Juicer Body Design
  • Longer 15-Year Warranty

The Samson 6-in-1 Multi-function Juicer the best bang for the buck for raw foodists, too! It is a low 80RPM multipurpose, single gear juicer which masticates or chews your fruits and veggies, slowly squeezing the juice out to minimize oxidation and friction/heat. You can use this as a fruit or vegetable juicer as well as a wheatgrass juicer. You can also use it to mince and chop, grind and even make almond milk! Extract juice from celery, carrots, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, apple, orange, kale, vegetable juice cucumber, ginger, sprouts and many other leafy greens! It can also extract from less obvious things such as pine needles and aloe.

The Samson Advanced Juicer’s low-speed protects flavors and high nutritional content from being destroyed by heat and oxidation. This is also the easiest juice to clean, by far – just 2-3 minutes and your done! Also makes nut butters. Made from durable FDA-approved plastics and now featuring a 15-year warranty.

Stainless Steel Juicing Screen & Mincing Cone for Strongest Screens Ever!

ultem screensNext to the auger, the juicing screens are the most important part of the juicer – and most vulnerable. Single auger juicers rely on huge amounts of internal pressure on the pulp to squeeze out the most juice possible – for ultra-dry pulp. This creates enormous pressure on the screen – and that is in normal operation. So now just consider for a minute how many people actually force-feed their “slow speed” juicers because they are just so used to high-speed centrifugal juicers … or they are in a hurry.

If you are having to put all your weight down on the pusher to force something into the juicer you are probably putting too much in too fast – and vastly increasing the internal pressures on the screen. Weaker screens will crack under that pressure! But not with this combination of ultra-strength GE ULTEM and STAINLESS STEEL!

  • Samson 6-in-1 Multi-Function Juicer Juice wheatgrass! Juice fruits! Juice vegetables!
  • Grind & mix Seasonings
  • Grind coffee beans Make noodles & pasta!
  • Make frozen desserts! Make almond milk!
  • Make baby food
  • Make nut butter
  • Includes a set of 5 drum caps that allow to to extrude pasta, make nut butters, bread sticks, frozen fruit sorbets and more!

Strongest, Most Durable Auger Ever

The unique Samson Advanced single auger systeUltem Augerm combines the durability and strength of GE ULTEM with STAINLESS STEEL, for the strongest auger yet – and now with a full 15 year warranty! Larger, longer or even double the gears isn’t necessarily better. Longer augers can actually make things worse, since the juice can pool in the drum and create additional pressure which can causes heat that can damage vitamins and enzymes! You see, like many things in life, size doesn’t matter!

The secret of the Samson is in the exclusive, proprietary design of the auger’s “threads.” The height, depth and spacing of the ridges control the movement of the pulp through the drum which holds the auger controlling the pressure and juice extraction perfectly. Look at all you get: Noodle Nozzles Pasta Nozzles Juicing Nozzle Mincing Nozzle Juicing Screen Mincing Cone 2 Catch Cups Brush Pusher / Plunger Sieve Spare Fuse Color Cook Book DVD PLUS My Free e-Book!

The Samson Multi-Function Does it All

  • Juices Vegetables: carrots, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, yams, jicama, sprouts such as kale, parsley, spinach, comfrey and more.
  • Juices Most Fruits: apples, grapes, pears, melons, oranges, lemons and more.
  • Juices Wheatgrass and other leafy greens. The pulp is very dry, producing a high yield of nutritious juice.
  • Grinds and mixes seasonings like green onion, garlic, ginger, red pepper, radish, to create delicious, nutritious salsas. Or you can mince meats or fish.
  • Makes delicious frozen desserts.
  • Makes noodles and pasta. You can add vegetable juice to the dough. Make rice cakes (mochi), a type of glutinous rice cake using steamed rice.
  • Grinds coffee beans. Some beans are more oily and can be ground after drying for a day.

The best engineering makes the Samson “Advanced” juicers exceptionally strong and versatile while staying affordable. Easily make delicious, fresh, nutritious juice from virtually any fruit or vegetable. Forget all those sugary fruit drinks with and start enjoying the authentic flavors of nature!

Nothing is worse than avoiding your juicer because you don’t feel like cleaning it after.  Fortunately, the Samson Advanced model has been designed to be extremely easy to clean — all with dishwasher-safe components.

Samson’s unique technology is designed to give you a better tasting, more nutritious juices loaded with with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The slow-speed single auger design features an 80 RPM motor (1/3 HP, 200 watts).

The Samson “Advanced” design will get the most juice possible from carrots, asparagus, cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, beets, ginger – you name it. With built-in overheat protection you can’t jam it since it automatically shuts down if the temperature Gets too high.

Samson “Advanced” juicers incorporate much more efficient design features into their latest juicers, making them “More than just a juicer.” Available in Almond, Black, Chrome and White.

Samson “Advanced” Juicers vs. other low RPM juicers

  • Latest GE Ultem Auger is stronger than steel
  • 6 nozzles for juicing, mincing and making pasta noodles, etc.
  • 3 squeezing strength positions
  • Screen rib reinforcement assures a longer life
  • Reinforced ribs on mincing cone assure a longer life
  • Upgraded, new pusher
  • Made of FDA approved polycarbonate and Ge Ultem which are extremely durable and hygienic. Samson is equipped with an upgraded low-speed mill-type gear which preserves as much flavor and nutritional value as possible. High-speed juicers destroy enzymes, flavor and reduce the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits.
  • It is the easiest of all low RPM juices to disassemble, clean and reassemble (from as little as 15 seconds to a couple of minutes).
  • You don’t need to worry about overheating! A built-in control prevents overheating then automatically restarts when it has cooled down.
  • Comes with one of the best warranties in the industry: 15-years

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Mechanism to Cut Stringy Fibers: Yes
  • Juicing Wheatgrass & Hard Vegetables: Yes
  • Continuous Juicing: Yes
  • Multipurpose Functions: Yes.
    Can be used to homogenize, make nut butters, bean curd (Tofu), sorbets, baby food, pasta noodles and mocha.
  • Fine Screen for Vegetable Juicing: Yes
  • Juices Fruits / Vegetables: Yes
    With juicing screen attached, oranges, kiwis, wheatgrass, carrots, parsley can be juiced.
  • Coarse Screen for Juicing Soft Fruits Yes
  • Pulp Adjustment Knob: Yes
    Controls pressure on the pulp to product maximum juice amount..
  • Pulp in Juice? No
    When juicing carrots), provides more of a pulp-free juice.
  • Staining: No
    Green color auger is not prone to staining
  • Juice Quality: High
    Low-speed technology retains the natural fruit/vegetable flavor and nutritional value.


  • Single Gear Slow Rotates at 80 RPM to ensure high quality nutritional juice
  • FDA approved GE Ultem™ is used for the augur and screens making them 8 times stronger than traditional juicer parts.
  • The stainless steel Juicing Screen is fully encased with GE Ultem™
  • Juices a wide variety of vegetables, grasses and fruits
  • Excellent for Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens – Less foam than twin gear juicers
  • Simple assembly with “quick lock” style attachments
  • Quick and easy cleaning – Top Rack dishwasher safe (avoid drying cycle)
  • a wide variety of vegetables, grasses and fruits Adjustable pressure control to maximize juice yield
  • Continuous juicing with containers for juice and pulp
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Easy operation using push buttons – On, Off and Reverse
  • Full manufacturers 15 year warranty on motor and operational parts


  • Dimensions – 15″ L x 7″ W x 10″ H
  • Standing Weight – 14.65 lbs.
  • Rating Power Voltage – 120V / AC / 60HZ (or 230V)
  • Power Consumption – 160 W
  • Motor – 1/3 HP, Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Speed – 80 RPM
  • Extraction Method – Masticating, Patented single rotating gear
  • Squeezing Power – About 1.5 HP
  • Overall Gear Length – 6 14/25″
  • Cutting Gear Length – 5 1/5″
  • Controls – Push Button On/Off/Reverse
  • Warranty – 15 Years Motor & Operational Parts


  • Samson Multi-Purpose Juicer Motor
  • Augur
  • Drum
  • Drum Cap
  • Juicing Screen
  • Mincing Cone
  • Cups for catching juice or pulp (2)
  • Sieve (1)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Pusher / Tamper
  • Juicing Nozzle
  • Mincing Nozzle
  • Noodle Nozzles (2)
  • Pasta Nozzles (2)
  • Color Cook Book and Operations Manual
  • Operations DVD
  • Extra Fuse


My Ridiculous, Unheard of Personal Guarantee

1 year guaranteeImagine yourself 3 or 4 weeks from now. You’ve had a Samson juicer for a full 30 days – long enough to try gallons of juice and perhaps even shed a few pounds of unwanted weight -and most importantly, long enough to know your interest in juicing is going to last! After using your juicer for a full month, if you for any reason that you aren’t 100% thrilled with your juicer I’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund. No return authorizations required. No emails or phone calls. No hassles.

Nobody else dares to do this! With any other juicer once you use it it’s yours unless it’s defective and even then there all are kinds of conditions to return it. Not with me! I want to encourage you to start juicing no matter what it takes! My distributor says I am crazy. He says I’ll be inundated with returns. But I believe you want a healthier lifestyle for your whole family, so when you try an Omega juicer you will never give it up!

I am so confident in this product that I’m taking all the risk out of your purchase and take all the time you need to put it to the test. I’ve been online for 10 years and have the #1 raw food web on Google – so I’ll be here. Click Add To Cart now and you’ll have an Omega Juicer in just a few short days.

Authorized Dealer

Samson Juicer Logo

Watch out for unauthorized sellers! If you buy from a seller that isn’t Authorized you may not get the Manufacturer’s warranty, let alone my personal guarantee!

The Minimum Authorized Price means that no authorized dealer can sell for less. If you see a ridiculously low price, you can be sure it is not authorized. With my personal guarantee plus my $19.95 e-book, this really is the best value!

Remember, with a manufacturer’s Minimum Authorized Price, the main difference between authorized dealers are intangibles like knowledge and service. When you buy from me you are getting the leading Raw Food expert for the last 20 years. I actually know something about juicers, so Buy now and get me, too!


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