Services Available

ConsultingAnn Wigmore

Robert Ross and many of our other contributors are available for raw food services such as consulting to companies, restaurants, hotels, health and wellness resorts and individual entrepreneurs to collaborate and consult on various raw food lifestyle projects.


At, we feature something like 99% educational articles that emphasize a holistic approach to our raw food services,  from raw food health and nutrition to the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, locally-available foods to achieve optimum health and happiness. You can also learn how to prepare many delicious raw food and vegan dishes for a hands-on experience of making recipes.

Events & Workshops

From time to time, Robert Ross and our other contributors may be available for small groups to large-scale gatherings in the U.S. and Canada. We can provide teaching on a variety of subjects, public speaking and hands-on training for raw food nutrition, raw recipe preparation and much more.


Our company can provide strategic partnerships, collaborations and endorsements, which can mutually benefit several brands and projects.

Holistic Health, LLC can provide highly educated alternative health practitioners who are able to help their clients meet their raw food lifestyle and health needs.

Conscious Accommodations

Please contact us for accommodation requests on different locations in Fairfield, IA and S.E. Florida.

Raw Food Cruises & Vacations

Occasionally we may offer various raw food based trips and vacations through our website. Take an unforgettable 7 day raw luxury vacation in destinations like Costa Rica, Ecuador, and many more. Discover the pure joy, beauty and happiness of a raw food lifestyle all over the world.


Starting a Raw Food Diet – the Key to Amazing Health!