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or what Is really in commercial pet foods

Do not read this article while eating your dinner or feeding your pet!

dog-catIf you think your pet food contains healthy ingredients like whole chicken, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains and all the nutrition your dog or cat will ever need…think again!

If you care at all for your beloved pets, don’t believe the ads from the $20 billion per year U.S. pet food industry when it comes to the health of your loving pets. Rather than being scientifically designed to provide everything your pet needs for good health, as advertised, commercial pet foods actually lack sufficient minerals, enzymes and vitamins for good health – and often contain ingredients, food additives, pesticides and GMO’s actually harmful to pet health.

You see, the pet food industry is just an extension of the human food (agriculture) industry, and their products are at least as bad as fast food or processed foods and probably much worse! Pet food, from the corporate point of view, is just a place for slaughterhouse waste and grains considered “unfit for human consumption” to be turned into profit.

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