Equality, Freedom & Raw Food — Your Natural Rights!

How We Lost Our Freedom to Big Brother & the Corporate State

An oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people might be from nobility, from wealthy families, from universities or from other sources of corporate, religious and military control. Oligarchies are typically controlled by a few prominent families who pass their influence on from one generation to the next or they could be from more recent wealth, but they have one thing in common — the belief that they know what’s best for everyone else — and it’s not raw food and liberty!

Since the founding of America, this “ruling class” has been working hard to turn the American experiment into a system that they can control…for our own good, of course! One of the most important ways they do this is to change the meaning of word like “equality” and “rights.”

Freedom, Terrorism & Raw Food“Equality of opportunity” is what’s in the U.S. Constitution. This type of equality is an essential part of American liberty, but it’s virtually extinct these days. Instead, over many decades we’ve been sold the idea that America is about “equality of outcomes.”  However, that is actually one of the tenants of socialism and has nothing to do with real American “equality.”

Raw Food and Liberty – Your Natural Rights

Our founding fathers fought and died for our “natural rights,” of which equality of opportunity is one part. Natural rights came into existence for the very first time when our forefathers were willing to fight for them. Before that most of the world only had “civil rights,” or rights granted to them by “civil authority,” or government. In other words, those “rights” weren’t natural at all, but were “privileges” granted to you by government. If that sounds familiar perhaps it’s because that’s how our government actually works today!

You see, we actually lost our real freedoms and liberties in America when we made corporations like Monsanto kings of the hill. Now these corporations are, under “the color of law,”legally” persons…just like you. But legally you and I are PEOPLE — not “persons.” The legal term “person” is actually derived from the Latin word “persona” and refers to an artificial identity, like a character in a play — very different from the actors true identity.

The Color of Food

If you are into health and nutrition like me this is very, very important. Under the “color of law,” which means it really isn’t law, we can actually lose our access to real, organic, healthy food! What we will be left with, legally speaking, is “the color of food,” things that look like food but nutritionally are not the same. With the advent of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), this is more possible than ever before.

Here’s the crux of the problem — if you and I are legally “persons” than we are now in the same status as corporations like Monsanto. Monsanto is a “person” under the color of law but unlike you and me Monsanto has billion and billions of dollars to convince politicians, advertisers, nutritionists and even doctors that their GMO produce is the same as non-GMO produce…which of course is ridiculous. But if you have enough money you can make the world believe whatever you like.

These corporations rule not by merely manipulating politics but by manipulating the very essence of life itself — our food (GMO’s), our air (chemtrails) and, ultimately, even our health (GMO’s, pharmaceuticals).  Keeping us sick, dumbed down and compliant, we casually accept things that could have caused a revolution not that long ago.

Discover a Lifestyle Based on Raw Food & Liberty!

The American people, and many around the globe, are waking up more and more every day! You can meet them all over the internet, from Facebook to Twitter.  We’re making new friends all across the globe, networking with groups that share our interests and spreading the word about what true equality really means to our country — and what raw food really means to our health. Our commitment to those fundamental concepts starts with committing to a lifestyle that is based on true freedom and liberty — the raw food lifestyle. Bur a raw food lifestyle doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, if we surrender to the Monsanto’s of the world we can actually lose the right to grow, market and purchase raw, organic foods entirely!

So let’s all take a stand for Equality & Freedom — and Raw Foods, too!

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