The Raw Truth About Arctic Apples — Time to Invest in GMO Stocks?

Truth About GMO Fruits

The genetically modified “Arctic Apple” was approved last year in the U.S. This so-called breakthrough is actually major setback in the evolution of apples!

GMO Apple
The Arctic Apple has nothing to do with preventing harmless browning and everything to do with selling more pesticides.

You see, the new “Arctic Apple” only does one new thing – it doesn’t turn brown when exposed to air. However, turning brown, as it turns out, is actually the apple’s defense for fighting off nasty pests! So now the Arctic Apple is actually much more prone to serious infestations of Aphids, Fruitworms, Moths, Maggots, Leafrollers and many more pests.

Of course, that could be a big problem but fortunately Okanagan, Monsanto & Friends will spray our orchards for us to kill the nasty pests that didn’t seem very interested our apples before — for the right price!

The real truth they don’t want you to know is that turning brown is good for apples — and doesn’t hurt the nutrition or flavor! But some people just don’t like it. So after billions of dollars we invented a “better” apple that won’t turn brown. Just ignore the toxic side effects from the millions of gallons of pesticides that GMO apples now need.

Sadly, this is not a nutritional, safety or farming issue but strictly cosmetic and perceptual! Tyrosinase, an enzyme in apples, reacts with oxygen in air to form melanin — the same thing that happens to you when you get a suntan!

Here’s a Real Tip

If you really don’t want your apples to turn brown, squeeze a little lemon juice on them. The vitamin C keeps the fruit from oxidizing. That’s a 50 cent solution to this critical  problem that the GMO industry has spent billions on for development, testing and FDA approvals over many years for an apple that doesn’t turn brown .. and has no resistance to pests. Who benefits from this? Perhaps the people who sell the pesticides that GMO apples now desperately need!

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Agricultural Chemical Use Program, in 2011 (before Arctic Apple) U.S. growers were already appying the following pesticides on commercially-grown, but nom-GMO, apples: carbaryl on 46% of their acreage; chlorantraniliprole on 45%; chlorpyrifos on 44%; and, let’s not forget glyphosate (i.e., RoundUp) on 25% of their acreage. How many chemicals can these companies sell now that they can spray GMO apples that just so happen to have lost all their natural pest resistance?

Discover the Opal Apple — Non-Browing & Non-GMO!’s the real, hidden truth that the folks at Okanagan Specialty Fruits, inventors of the Arctic Apple, don’t want you to know! These folks rushed their GMO apple to market just to get some market share before the Opal Apple could be released — also non-browning as well as non-GMO!

Opal apples are do not have any lab-modified genes with unknown long-term side effects. They also don’t turn brown as quickly as regular apples, but are otherwise just normal apples, with all their natural ability to fight off pests still intact. They’re grown in Washington and are available on a limited basic at some Walmart and Whole Foods stores.

Then why did they bother to create GMO Apples at all?

Opal apples are actually the best evidence that non-browning isn’t the true purpose of the Arctic Apple. So let’s follow the money to see where it goes …

The browning of a non-GMO apple is for resistance to pests. So if the Arctic Apple doesn’t brown, it is innately LESS resistant to pests — creating a billion dollar market for pesticides!

Ask yourself why GMO produce seems to always be on the fast track while healthier, better and more natural fruits and veggies people have been cross-breeding for centuries can take years to get to market. Something is rotten in the apple orchard!

So is the real agenda for Okanagan, Monsanto & friends merely cosmetic — or is it the opportunity to start a whole lot more spraying for huge profits!

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