The Many Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Oil


The reishi mushroom fungus has been used in the Asia since prehistoric times.  The name reishi refers to one of several woody mushrooms, meaning that different effects and prices can be expected dependent on the species of mushroom.  (1)

The reishi mushroom contains several different species that can effect prices and the effects that result from using reishi mushroom oil

The reishi mushroom also provides immunological, neurological, metabolic, hepatic, and vascular protection.  Traditionally it was prized by Taoists, Buddhists, royalty and herbalists.  Today holistic and wellness professionals have declared this a miracle herb, with the spores of the mushroom being a superfood.  The oil that comes from the spores is thought to be the most valuable part of the mushroom. (2)

The oil that comes from reishi mushroom spores is the most valuable part of the mushroom!

Reishi mushroom oil is considered to the be the most versatile and potent of medicinal mushrooms and is known for its ability to boost overall health.(2)

Ten Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Oil

Boosts Immune System:  Mushrooms contain polysaccharides, glycoproteins, ergosterols and triterpenoids.  These agents help give mushrooms powerful immune-boosting effects that are beneficial for fighting illnesses including cancer.    Specifically, reishi mushrooms contain a triterpenoid, ganoderic acid, that has been found helpful in treating lung cancers, leukemia and other cancers. (3)  Research has shown that thirty days of reishi mushrooms boosted T lymphocytes and reduced CD8 counts in patients with advanced tumors. (4)

Anti-Cancer Benefits:  As mentioned above, reishi mushrooms have been found to be effective at killing cancer cells.  Studies have found that the triterpenes found in reishi mushrooms may also have cancer preventing effects. (2)

Improves Digestion:  Reishi mushroom oil improves digestion and helps heal and prevent stomach ulcers. (2)
Antioxidant:  Reishi mushrooms have been found to stimulate your overall wellness due to its ability to eliminate hydroxyl free-radicals and increase the bodies ability to use oxygen.  Taking it together with vitamin C will help the body absorb reishi’s active ingredients. (4)

Improves Mood:  Reishi mushrooms are known to be effective at improving mood and is one of the most sought after anti-depressant herbs.  It is also effective in treating anxiety, reducing tension and calming the mind and body.

Detox:  Reishi mushrooms are a liver regenerator that can help detox the liver.  The mushroom is also known to be effective in the synthesis of fatty acids and bile resulting in a fast detoxification of chemicals.  (4)

Cardiovascular Health:  Research from Switzerland found that reishi mushrooms “inhibit cholesterol synthesis.”  This means that reishi mushrooms help decrease cholesterol by causing the liver to control its production.  Reishi mushrooms have also been effective in preventing high blood pressure and enhancing circulation towards the heart.  It can also help avoid blood clots and help thin the blood. (4)

Blood Sugar Regulation:
  Research has shown that Ganoderans A, B, and C found in relish mushrooms help balance blood sugar levels and prevent problems associated with type 2 diabetes.

Improves Skin Health:  Researchers have found that reishi mushrooms have the ability to cure numerous skin issues, such as burns, rashes, and insect bites.  These mushrooms have an anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic properties that encourage healing.

Slows Down Aging:
  The Ling Zhi 8 protein and Ganodermic acid found in reishi mushrooms work together to promote circulation and reduce free radical activities.  As inflammation decreases, fine lines and wrinkles also decrease and the increase in blood flow to the skin improves elasticity.

Consider purchasing reishi spore oil for your superfood cabinet.  A few drops can improve your overall health, help fight existing conditions and prevent future health problems.

by Matthew Monarch, March 2016
The Raw Food World