The Real Purpose of GMO’s — and It’s Not Feeding the World!


In an analysis published by the Environmental Working Group, GMO foods are clearly the LAST thing we need — despite all the propaganda from biotech companies. Despite what they want us to believe, GMO’s were invented for just one thing — PROFIT for the biotech companies that spent billions over a decade to create them! Their propaganda falls flat, though, when you get ALL the facts:

1. GMO’s Everywhere…and Not a Drop to eat.

Almost all the GMO corn and soybeans grown in the U.S. today – requiring millions of acres and endless tons of toxic chemicals – are mostly used to feed animals and fuel cars (ethanol). Most of the GMO varieties they grow are generally not even edible by people!

2. GMO Productivity Claims are as Phony as a $3.00 Bill.

In spite of research by biotech firms that claim GMO are more productive than non-GMO’s — that’s just hype! One study in Africa, for example, found that non-GMO crops grown using traditional cross-breeding improved yields 30% more than GMO crops.

3. GMO’s Do More to Destroy Agriculture than Help  It.

While proponents of GMOs say they’re feeding the world, they forget to mention that GMOs are also destroying it. Aside from contaminating non-GMO crops, GMO’s contaminate our water, air and soil. Pesticides are even showing up in our blood, urine, and breast milk – proving that they are not excreted from our bodies as claimed by biotech.

4. Natural Ways to Fight Biotech

Don’t trust the profit-driven lies of the biotech industry to feed you. Instead, use these  common-sense strategies to naturally increase food supplies in a more sustainable way.

  1. Improved Resource Management — A simple change like using fertilizers in a smarter way could increase total caloric availability by 30%. Consider the farmer in California who has been getting amazing yields using only organic compost on 8 acres of farmland. We don’t need industrial chemicals .. we just need to fertilize better and nurture the soil for better results. French Intensive and other agricultural techniques also help to increase yields farm  more effectively than GMO’s.
  2. Eliminating GMO fuels — All the investments needed to grow corn for ethanol and government subsidies isn’t needed for non-GMO fuels. Biofuels from renewable sources like Hemp — which require almost no pesticides, could provide the world with all the inexpensive fuel -t needs — without paying for corporate profits. Hemp biodiesel also boasts a very high efficiency (97%), so needless to say, biotech companies don’t want you to know about things like that. Currently, subsidies for GMO corn are around $5 billion annually.
  3. Cutting Global Meat Consumption — This isn’t a strategy by vegans to trick you into giving up your steaks and burgers. The sad truth is fact is that it just takes a massive quantity of grains (GMO soy and corn) to feed every single cow or pig. If we all just cut our meat consumption in half, we would enjoy almost  a 30% increase in availability of food from growing non-GM crops. We’d also enjoy less polluted water, less energy use, and more nutrition from what we eat.
    “The livestock sector is a major stressor on many ecosystems and on the planet as a whole. Globally it is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gasses and one of the leading causal factors in the loss of biodiversity, while in developed and emerging countries it is perhaps the leading source of water pollution.”  – Food and Agriculture OrganizationLivestock’s Long Shadow
  4. Eliminating Food Waste — Just eliminating waste contributes an additional 33% to the world’s food supply. Surprisingly, Americans toss out nearly half of all the food we buy. We are also the biggest growers and consumers of GMO’s!

America alone produces about four billion tons of food per year. Yet, because of agricultural and consumer waste,  about 30–50% (over a billion tons) of all food produced never reaches a human. All that adds up tp almost $165 billion annually just in the U.S.A. Making changes to biofuels, reducing waste and changing diets would vastly improve the lives of farmers throughout the world while doubling calorie availability and reducing the environmental costs of food production. Remember, biotech companies first goal is never  to feed the world. They are trying to sell us their toxic, over-priced products!

I assert that without healthy, delicious and nutritionally dense non-GMO or organic food you cannot be successful as a raw foodist. Period. So study the facts for yourself, learn the truth and be empowered to make your own healthy choices.

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