Remembering Rudolph Steiner on the 2017 Solar Eclipse

55081573 - solar eclipse

During the 2017 solar eclipse, I was guided to think a lot about Rudolph Steiner, Ph,D. (1861-1925). First, as a raw foodist, it is important to recognize that he basically invented Biodynamic Farming — a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture that can provide amazing harvests while at the same time healing the Earth.

Biodynamic Farming offers higher volume harvests and increased nutrient density while being completely self-sustaining. Personal independence and freedom, very important to Steiner, are only truly possible when living in a sustainable society — and are very important to me and for the development of this website,!

Steiner was also one of the most amazing metaphysicians of any time. So his work also embraces the metaphysical aspects of life, especially the influence of the stars and planets…and of course, the Sun and the Moon. Needless to say, eclipses like we are about to enjoy, were important in many ways. But for now, let me just quote a poem he wrote that i think is relevant today as we each strive to embrace our True Self.

The Dance of the Planets by Rudolph Steiner

The sun it is shining –
What carries its raying
To crystal and flower
So strongly below?

The soul it is weaving –
What raises the living
From faith to beholding
With yearning upwards?

So seek, O my soul,
In crystals light beaming,
In blossoms light streaming –
You’ll find your true self.

The heavens are blueing –
What is the deep sending,
From widths all unending,
Unseen to the earth?

The spirit’s enkindling –
What is power creating,
From deep-willed existence,
To radiant strength?

O spirit, be guiding
Your gaze to horizons,
Your self to the depths –
The world you will find.

The bright stars are gleaming –
What broadens their blazing,
Their light so revealing,
From widths to the core?

And mankind is asking –
What in us is questing,
Is anxiously striving
And seeking to know?

O man, by directing
Your self to expanses,
Your being to the center,
The spirit you’ll find.

The dark night is reigning –
What deadens the beings,
In space all unending,
To inexorable void?

The cosmos is being –
What rules self-secluding
So secretly breathing
In darkest foundations?

The spirits’ thirst flaming
Is sensing-divining
The worlds in all beings,
The beings in all worlds.

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I studied nutrition at U.C. Berkeley and was a nutrition writer for Shaklee Corp. in the 1980s. I became a raw foodist in 1995 at the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego where I taught raw food for several years. Later, I taught at New Life Expos, Wild Oats stores and many other venues. I created this website in 1996. My greatest joy is learning about raw food, nutrition, health and more then sharing it with you. Thanks for making the #1 website for Raw Food!