The Hidden Mysteries of Water – Beyond Enzymes, pH or ORP!

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Water, believe it or not, is the master key to everything wondrous and healthy about a raw food lifestyle. Our bodies, our food and even the surface of the Earth itself is made up mostly of water — waiting for you to unlock the Hidden Mysteries of Water!

There is an amazing reason for this – water is the vehicle that Life itself uses to transfer energy and information! On this website I’ll be writing lots of articles about the mysteries of water — more on the biology, chemistry and even some of the quantum physics of water. And, I’m going to do this in a whole new way — beyond anything you have ever seen before!

We all need to understand why water is the key to to health and how to make the best alkaline mineral water at home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Here are some excerpts from a book I’ll working on soon called, The Hidden Mysteries of Water.

Mysteries of WaterWater has amazing secrets that science is only beginning to unlock. However, our ignorance has led us to take water for granted – abuse it, pollute it and forget how vital it is, from the smallest bacteria to possible life on other planets. The science of Quantum Physics is beginning to unravel the hidden mysteries of water. One of the major secrets of water lies in the energy bonds between its hydrogen and oxygen atoms.  These relatively weak hydrogen bonds may seem unimportant, but they play a significant role in water’s impact on all life. The hydrogen-bond length of H-2-O molecules, for example, affects the electrostatic forces around them in a way that can change the energy of electrons in your RNA. RNA transmits DNA information into cells, controlling their chemical reactions!

Chemical reactions only happen when electrons or energy can flow between atoms.   “Alkalize” and “energize” both refer to adding electrons/energy to your body.  Most of the life-giving, healthy processes in your body are those that give it electrons/energy, called alkalizing the body. Most unhealthy, aging, disease-casing and toxic phenomena of the body are those that steal electrons/energy, called acidic or “oxidizing” (which means to burn up, rust, break down or decay).

The diet and lifestyle choices you are confronting today are much more than just good ideas you read about in some book — you are choosing to increase your life energy or choosing to throw it away! In the coming lessons you’ll learn about the health benefits of alkaline water, what pH and ORP really mean, how your digestion actually works, how your stomach alkalizes food and why obesity isn’t a weight problem – its an acid problem.  By the time you complete this course you’ll know more about why eating raw food and drinking alkaline water are the most important and cost-effective things you can do for your health — and for the planet!

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