Fluoridation & Your Pineal Gland – So you Are Easier to Control!

A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland will set YOU free!

There is huge controversy over adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but nowhere near enough out-cry! Fluoridation ranks right up there with GMO’s, forced vaccinations and nuclear power among the greatest crimes against humanity. The real connection between fluoridation & your pineal gland is that it makes YOU easier to control!

Two Types of Fluorides

Calcium Fluoride occurs naturally in underground water supplies and is relatively benign, though, too much can lead to bone or dental problems. the calcium in natural calcium fluoride neutralizes most of fluoride’s toxic effects. But the type of fluorides added to our water supplies today are the farthest thing from natural — they intentionally use the toxic waste products of nuclear, aluminum and fertilizer production which are classified as dangerous toxins. However, industries refer to sell their waste products so they can make a huge profit instead of paying to safely discard them! These toxins include fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicon fluoride, and sodium fluoride.

For this article, we’ll use the term “Sodium Fluoride” to include all three types. Sodium fluoride is used for rat poison and as a pesticide. According to a scientific study done several years ago, industrial waste sodium fluorides are 85 times more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

Health Hazards

Fluoride entering the body is hard to eliminate eliminated, accumulating mostly in your bones and teeth as well as in your pineal gland (in the the middle of your brain). Thanks to dentists and toothpaste companies that profit by selling waste fluoride, this is particularly harmful for teeth. However, the American Dental Association (AMA) refuses to admit that instead of preventing tooth decay, industrial fluoride causes even more harm. The flood of sodium fluoride in food and water also creates other serious health problems that are also suppressed like:

  • Cancer
  • Genetic DNA Damage
  • Thyroid Disruption – affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity
  • Neurological – diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, accelerates aging, sleep disorders.
  • Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.

Turning Waste into a Profit

Putting sodium fluoride into our water and food system was a public relations trick done by the industries who otherwise who have to spend lots of money to get rid of it. But since fluoride was necessary for enriching uranium, the propaganda was began during the Manhattan Project to create the first atom bombs during World War II. These clowns, uhm, I mean scientists, convinced the locals in Tennessee that fluoride was not only safe, it was good for their kids teeth. Later, the AMA chimed in, endorsing sodium in  water supplies — because it was good for a dentist’s business. Any dissenting opinions were dismissed regardless of their credentials.

About two-thirds of the American water supply is currently laced with sodium fluoride, so now we can find residue is in many foods, from baby foods and sodas to many bottled waters. So please read your labels carefully.

Avoid Fluoridation

First, boiling does NOT remove fluoride in water, actually increasing its even more. Many home water filtration systems are designed to get rid of fluoride, such as reverse osmosis. You can also just grab a couple of1 gallon plastic bottles and fill them up from reverse osmosis machines found in many health food stores and supermarkets.

The Importance of Your Pineal Gland

During the late 1990’s a scientist in England did the first study of the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She showed that the pineal gland is a prime target for fluoride. This study provided the key link to understanding the damage from sodium fluoride.

The good news however, is that frequent exposure to sunshine, 20 minutes or so, will stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. Just be sure to remove your hat.

Your Third Eye or Sixth Chakra

Many psychics consider the pineal gland to be the link to inter dimensional experiences –vital for supporting intuition, spiritual evolution. That leads to a better understanding, acceptance of our fellow humans. The pineal gland is also source of DMT during birth and near death or mystical experiences. This corroborates the idea of the pineal gland is a portal where the spirit passes through to other dimensions.

Bye-Bye Fluoride

Fluoride is the greatest enemy of your pineal gland! It’s harmless in tiny quantities and occurs naturally in normal water sources. However, the toxic fluoride in our tap water and toothpaste is not at all natural!  Today, 70 percent of America’s water supply is artificially fluoridated with this toxic waste product. So the number one thing you can do to activate your pineal gland is reduce your intake of sodium fluoride.

  • Use only natural fluoride-free toothpaste and refuse fluoride treatments by your dentist
  • Drink purified or filtered water– and don’t forget that many bottled waters are fluoridated
  • Eat fresh organic food – the more processed your food the more fluoride it has
  • Avoid commercial drinks like soda, juice drinks, instant and bottled teas or sports drinks
  • Avoid cooking with non-stick pans which increase the fluoride content of food
  • Drink organic wine. Wine (particularly red wine) is proven to be good for you in moderation, but because of heavy use of fluoride pesticides on vineyards in the United States, wines that are made from U.S.-grown grapes are the main source of fluoride
  • Avoid any kind of processed meat (e.g., chicken fingers, chicken nuggets) – a mechanical de-boning process contaminates the meat with higher levels of fluoride-laden bone particles
  • Drink teas that are made from young leaves (“White tea”) or yerba matte – a herbal tea from South America
  • Use a filter on your shower or bath. A lot of fluoride is absorbed through during a shower or bath.
  • Avoid calcium supplements as they are not absorbed into the bones and end up clogging your organs, including the pineal gland.

Here Comes the Sun

Natural, unfiltered sunlight is required by the pineal gland. Sunlight is enters your body through the optic nerves stimulating the pineal gland, a light sensitive organ. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical signal to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls all the living processes of the body through the pituitary gland and autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus is filled with light sensitive cells that convert these electromagnetic signals into neurochemical impulses directly into the pituitary Gland which then secretes its hormones.

Think about when you wear sunglasses, which blocks the light that stimulates the pineal gland. Eyes can adjust to sunlight much more then we realize. When we live and work in places with artificial lighting we’re also not getting enough natural light to stimulate the  pineal gland.

Spiritual Development

While it’s important to change your diet and maintain a healthy body, nothing beats regular spiritual practices that stimulate natural healing, stills the mind and prepares you for higher states of consciousness.

  • Meditation can stimulate your pineal gland, such as meditating on the word “love.”
  • Breathing through your Third Eye can help activate your pineal gland. Breathe in the brilliant silver light through your Third Eye, hold it, then visualize it surrounding your pineal gland. See it energized  with light breaking through that calcified shell. You’ll notice a slight pressure in your forehead — hold your attention there and be mindful of your body and mind.
  • Kundalini energy can rise from the root chakra at the base of your spine to the crown chakra and beyond.
  • Gemstones and crystals that work with the Third Eye include deep blue stones like lapis lazuli, sapphire or sodalite. Ask the stones to help you awaken and heal your pineal gland during a meditation. Place a stone on your forehead to maximize the effect.

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