Here Comes the Food Police – Corporate Greed & the Battle for Your Food


Over the last ten or fifteen years I’ve written many times about GMO foods as one of the biggest threats to raw foodists — and everyone else. GMO’s however are only one tool in the arsenal of the corporations trying to control their intellectual property — the world’s food supply! Corporate greed for money and power make them see the entire world as their rightful market. After all, everyone has to eat! So they patent seeds that can bankrupt third-word farmers, sue hapless farmers that accidentally grow their crops, and much worse. Now you can also can add “nano-particles” the their list of laboratory-grown Frankenfoods, with many more horrors coming soon from the folks that brought you agent orange.

30431095 - tractor spraying soyI am not a conspiracy nut, however I am definitely someone who’s concerned about Monsanto (and related corporations through interlocking boards of directors) being the force behind GMO’s, as well as the power behind the scenes of the FDA. And they’ve clearly demonstrated aggressive legal enforcement of their patent “rights,” suing every farmer that has GMO seeds blown by the wind onto his organic farm thus destroying his farm. So it isn’t beyond Monsanto and their ilk to misuse our laws to meet their needs at every opportunity.

Monsanto investigators go out every day looking for farms that are inadvertently growing Roundup Ready produce without a contract. They look in the areas within the natural “genetic drift” on the wind of GMO pollen. When they find a field of corn that has been contaminated by GMO pollen, destroying the farmer’s entire business, they turn things inside out by suing that farmer for patent infringement (see Monsanto vs Schmeiser, for example).

This corporate policy of not only ignoring the dangers of genetic drift but profiting from it could legally be “negligence.” They ruined the hapless farmer’s crops with genetic contamination, but with armies of lawyers, deep pockets and other forms of “undue influence,” they actually win these bizarre cases even though the contamination was their own fault. Of course, it should be the farmer that wins and get reimbursed for the destruction of his organic farm. Instead, they ruin the farmer by destroying his crops, then they sue him for having the temerity to be growing crops downwind from them. Then they ruin him financially, take his farm away and plant more dangerous GMO’s.

Organic Food Could Become what Marijuana was once like.

Long ago it was legal to grow hemp. Although industrial hemp was one of the most profitable products in the world, it competed directly with the powerful corporations that owned thousands of acres of timber and cotton plantations. Hemp grown for paper and fabric has almost none of the psychoactive substances needed to get “high”… and is legally grown these days in several states. Still, many hemp farmers are raided by Federal agents with automatic weapons in Kevlar body armor. The corn fields of tomorrow could also be host to Kevlar-clad jack-booted troops if we don’t do more to protect our farmers. .. and our rights.

Something similar it has already happened to thousands of holistic doctors trying to find natural healing alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Not only are holistic medical doctors getting their offices raided by FDA officers for prescribing vitamins instead of drugs, they are mysteriously dying every week all over the USA. The pharmaceutical companies and agribusiness conglomerates have one thing in common — they understand that the best thing they can do to make a profit is to gain complete control over their markets. And who is that? You and me!

The True Meaning of Freedom Today

49949650 - American Flag PlateAs raw foodists we MUST have access to healthy, nutritionally-dense organic food. But organic foods’ #1 enemy are GMO foods. These “corporate terrorists” are already controlling our country’s food supply with their deep pockets, political influence and who knows what else! And they  are gunning to have more effective, direct control — after all, why spend millions on attorney fees, court cost, political donations, lobbyists and outright bribes when you can just call “the Food Police” and have them take care of it for you at public expense!

Without healthy, delicious and nutritionally dense ORGANIC FOOD, you cannot be truly successful as a raw foodist — or even as a Freedom loving American! So study the facts for yourself, learn the truth and be empowered in your own healthy choices … and don’t forget to contact your own state and federal representatives to stop the “Food Police” now.

This is Mind Control

Corporations and governments have been trying to control what you eat and drink for decades. They know that unhealthy people do not think clearly — and are not aware of the truth about their food and lifestyle choices. Combined with controls over air and water, it gives them total control over a population who can no longer think for themselves.  The idea is to make people so frightened by e-coli or something that they would give away their liberty without even realizing it. Terrorism, food contamination and the skyrocketing costs of health insurance have almost put an end to the U.S. Constitution.

45261469 - brain painAfter a series of well-orchestrated cases of food contamination – e coli-tainted meat, melamine-adulterated pet food and baby formula, salmonella-infected peanut butter, the public was primed for a series of so-called “food safety” bills. These pieces of legislation can often be traced directly to recommendations made by organizations controlled or influenced by Monsanto. The Trust for America’s Health, for example, is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Michael R. Taylor, JD, who used to work at King & Spaulding, Monsanto’s law firm, once wrote a paper for the “Trust” on “Restructuring Food Safety at HHS.”

When I studied years ago, I tried to figure out some of these things. I learned one very important concept in law – whoever controls the definitions wins! You see, in law, legal definitions of a word can mean the opposite of it’s conversational meaning – what it means in the law if the opposite of what you think it means! This redefining of reality is what actually underlies all the losses of liberty we have in America today. For example, the title of a bill, and all the headlines and sub-headlines in the legislation, have absolutely no legal effect. They are there just to help organize it, so to speak. Only the actual text of the legislation has legal effect. So they can make the Title and Headlines say anything at all, whatever is expedient, whatever has the right “spin.” For example, they can call a bill the “Food Safety Bill” when it is in fact not designed to make food safer at all!

Non-profits, foundations and trusts can also call themselves whatever they want, too, regardless of their true intent. For example, a non-profit called the Trust for America’s Health, for example, has nothing whatsoever to do with your health — they measure America’s “health” in terms of quarterly corporate profits.

What Happens if we let corporations like Monsanto control our food supply
  • Healthy and even organic farms are taken over by government as though they were run by criminals and horribly contaminated corporate slaughterhouses and factory farms are left untouched;
  • the freedom of “we the people,” to make their own lifestyle choices, to grow healthy food and be left alone is destroyed, even though organic farms have never been the source of any food contamination;
  • the profit, control and power of corporations which are actually the source of the dangerous and unhealthy foods we eat, is vastly increased.

Thanks to corporate control over your reality, instead of cleaning up corporate slaughter-houses and feedlots featuring acres of contamination we end up with the control or elimination of farmers’ markets, locally grown produce and organic food. A Food Police State is not that far off. History has shown us that when you give people power they ultimately will abuse it. So you will see police-like actions down on the farm, from the imposition of surveillance to electronic monitoring and warrantless entry to prison terms for farmers illegally growing banned or contaminated organic crops — which some day could include your own backyard garden!

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