What is the ideal diet for you!

The Ideal Diet for You!
I designed a series of 5 dietary lifestyles that are extremely healthy for you to choose from to design your own ideal diet. I feel that the #5 dietary lifestyle is the most optimum for the ideal diet, but the most difficult to sustain. The #1 dietary lifestyle is still extremely healthy, and the easiest to sustain. It’s more about what you can handle and sustain, rather than an ego mission to prove yourself.First and foremost, it’s important to eliminate the typical damaging foods from your intake before deciding on which of the wholefoods diets you’d like to choose further below.


The Paleo, Macrobiotics, Zone, Ketogenic, Maker’s, South Beach diets all work, because they all have one common denominator.

They all eliminate the same exact damaging foods from their plans. To be healthy, it’s more important to look at what not to eat versus what to eat. The most damaging foods to the human body are refined sugar, bread foods, white pasta, etc. All of these diets eliminate these same exact foods, and then create different rules to make them stand out as a fad.

I created a detailed list of a whole foods based ideal diet. If you can eliminate all the foods from your diet that are not on this list, then congratulations … you are on a healthy cooked whole foods diet, you should reach your ideal weight, and there should be no need to go on pharmaceutical drugs within your lifetime.

The whole foods list can be found at the link here: https://news.therawfoodworld.com/whole-foods-list/

This would be the #1 diet from the list below that is the easiest to sustain.

Let’s say that you wanted to take this whole foods list to the next level by eliminating even more kinds of foods from it. A person can eliminate everything from it, except raw foods and be on a diet like me. Honestly, I don’t think that it’s the #1 most ideal diet available, because I feel that you have to supplement many things in order to succeed. Additionally, the satiation feeling that we are used to from unhealthy foods is gone, which is one reason why most people fail.The feeling of satiation and being satisfied is critical to your success here. Coming from the Standard American Diet, it took me many years to adapt to that empty stomach feeling that you get on an ongoing basis from eating only raw foods. I never had mental food issues before … until I went 100% raw!

If the typical person is not satisfied and satiated, they will tend to binge and go back to their old eating habits. That feeling is where many people fail on different diets. With the raw foods diet, people tend to binge on fruit. With the Ketogenic and Atkins diets, people binge on animal products. With the vegan diet, they binge on sugar, vegan junk food, etc. So keep this satiation/satisfaction concept in mind when you choose  the dietary lifestyle plan for you.

You are better off doing the #1 diet  and feeling satisfied, rather than feeling unsatisfied and doing the #5 diet — which is what I consider to be the most optimum diet.

That lack of being satiated and satisfied, generally results in people going back to eating the Standard American Diet foods, due to loss of control. You can first balance out on the #1 diet, which can take years, then you can take it to the #2 diet by eliminating more foods, all the way to #5 if you choose to continually to take it further. Before we get into these top 5 diets for you to choose from, let’s discuss the main components of our diets… Fat, carbs, and protein.

Let’s take a look at what all of these foods breakdown into in the human body…

Fat brreaks down into Fatty Esters. Fatty esters rebuilds the brain, builds our cell membranes, are precursors to hormones, and is critical for healthy beautiful skin. Protein breaks down into Amino Acids. Amino Acids rebuild collagen, muscles, bones, and tissue in the human body. Carbs break down into glucose and fiber. Glucose simply acts as a fuel for the human body.

Fats and protein rebuild the human body in a big way, while carbs simply provide fuel.

To take it to the next level, the first foods to drop from the whole foods diet would be the carbs… However, carbs are incredible at satiating a person, which as we discussed is key in succeeding on improving your dietary lifestyle.I feel that fats are the most critical component of our diets. Right before I take the first bite of my fatty avocado salad in the evening, I love taking all of my fatty acid oils, including Reishi Spore Oil, CBD Oil, and Omegazen (DHA & EPA). Me and my brain feel so good on them and so well nourished.

Don’t freak out on me if you think healthy carbs such as quinoa are the most optimum out of all these foods on the Whole Foods Diet.

This is all just my personal belief and being healthy obviously goes beyond all this. A person can heavily overeat animal products, because they are not feeling satiated or satisfied on diet #3. Meanwhile, another person on diet #1 is eating healthy carbs is satiated, satisfied, and has complete control and not binging one bit. Since they are eating normal portions, it’s a healthier diet in the long-run. Furthermore, if a person loses control, they may go back to eating unhealthy foods. That’s why it’s key here to measure which diet you choose based on what satiates and satisfies you to the extent to where you can most likely control yourself.

Here are the top 5 most optimum diets, #5 being the most ideal diet (if you can handle it):

#1 Whole Foods Diet list at the link here.

#2 Whole Foods Diet list here, and eliminate the following foods:
Brown rice
Brown rice products (pasta, rice cakes, etc.)
Non-GMO corn products
Cooked whole potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Yams, squashes, pumpkins

#3 Whole Foods Diet list here, and eliminate the same foods from #2 along with the following foods:
Quinoa (Steamed or Sprouted)
Millet (Steamed or Sprouted)
Buckwheat (Steamed or Sprouted)
Amaranth (Steamed or Sprouted)
Quinoa pasta or other whole grain, gluten-free pastas
Steamed legumes (lentils, garbanzo beans, etc.)

#4 Whole Foods Diet list here, and eliminate the same foods from #2 & #3 along with the following foods:
This diet would be a 100% Raw Foods Diet along with eggs, fish, and goats cheese products

#5 Eliminate the fish from #4.
Which equates to being on a 100% Raw Foods Diet along with only eggs and goats cheese products. Personally, I am on a 100% Raw Vegan Diet, which works best for me. However, #5 is what I believe to be the most optimum diet in the world, if you don’t binge on it in the long-run.

There are two rules on these diets.

#1. Don’t mix any of the carbs with the animal protein in the same meal.
#2. Don’t eat more than 6 oz of Animal Protein in a day.

If you weight 300 pounds and are for the first time improving your dietary lifestyle, you can skip these rules for the first 3 – 6 months.

I’ll share a story with you where I consulted Tim, who was 301 pounds, on how to do this type of lifestyle. Tim asks the perfect questions, so you can forward this to anyone who needs to improve their dietary lifestyle. Let’s say that you choose diet #4, but you can’t control yourself and you end up eating 12 oz. of animal protein, 12 eggs, and 3 glasses of goat’s milk in a day. #4 is probably too much for you to handle at this time, and you’d probably be better off with #1 where the carbs will help satiate you. These are all just simple guidelines. All you have to do is alter your dietary lifestyle permanently into eating the foods above and you did it! I can’t do it for you.

Without harnessing that will power of yours, we are going nowhere here…

Most people don’t have control of what they put in their mouth due to the suffering that comes with improving their dietary lifestyle. If you can develop the ability to control what you put in your mouth, you are way ahead of the curve! You will have more energy, more zest for life, more beauty and more focus compared to anyone else your age. It is never too late to start.

Harness your will power and GO!

By Matthew Monarch, June, 2018, Proprietor, theRawFoodWorld.com

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