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Here are some links to websites about raw food for dogs & cats. Many of these links include lots of sample recipes.

  • B.A.R.F. diet
  • BARF FAQ’s; Sample Meal Plans
  • Information on B.A.R.F.
  • Natural Rearing
  • Raw Meaty Bones
  • Sample Home-Feeding Diets
  • Web Site for Dr. Ian Billinghurst
  • BARF!! Bones and Raw Food
  • BARFing Boxers Homepage
  • The BARF Mailing List
  • BARFing Boxers Mailing ListThe Barfers Home Page
  • Barfing – The Big Picture
  • Shirley’s Wellness Cafe
  • Pets Need Wholesome Food Also –  free information that clearly explain the why, the what and the how of making homemade raw food for dogs & cats (BARF) quickly and easily.
  • Maria Zorka’s website:Detailed photos and descriptions about how to make balanced, nutritious raw food for dogs & cats. Also includes original, every growing articles, testimonials, nutritional and other information related to healthful living.  Includes Original Herbal Articles by author, Mary Wulff-Tilford.
  • Bodhi’s Natural Diet: This is what I have found to work the best at this time for Bodhi and my budget, since he is retired from heavy training.
  • Tara’s corner: Natural Animal Rearing “The basis of my dogs diet is RAW, meaty bones. It consists of approximately 65% of their diet. I mainly feed them RAW chicken wings, backs, and necks (never cooked, as they can splinter). They also occasionally get oxtail, lamb or raw, whole fish. A couple times a week I will give them offal, which is things like liver, heart, and kidneys. They get raw meat and bones because this is what they naturally would eat.”
  • SELECTED RECIPES for dogs and cats by William Pollak D.V.M.
  • Riveriene Farm  All their dogs are presently reared and maintained successfully on their explication of Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s BARF program (BARF = bones and raw food). Learn about their specific feeding programs. Riveriene Farm consults and teach alternative feeding methods for dogs (and cats).
  • Boyarka’s Boxers: “Our dogs were raised on a high quality kibble and we were satisfied until we changed due to convenience and now we will never feed kibble again. The changes in our healthy dogs were incredible and our seniors with health ailments became vital again. We believe that a healthy diet promotes a healthy body with benefits in the long term.”
  • Illinois Cocker Rescue: Rescued Cockers: From Poor Health to Vitality within two months on a natural raw diet.
  • “HOMEMADE DOG FOOD, HOMEMADE CAT FOOD: Learn The Simple Secrets Of Natural Homemade Pet Food” This  book is available online free of charge. If you have a specific question, I encourage you to use its excellent search engine which will pinpoint to you the exact location of the information in his online book.
  • Here is another example of a raw  diet: (The info is further down that page)
  • A Week’s Worth of Menus: sample meals are located near the botom of that file.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs breeders: “Learning to Feed Like Mother Nature In order to duplicate what a dog would eat in the wild, feed as much as possible the foods they would consume, and also the pattern is which they would be eaten. In the wild, no one cooks for the coyote or wolf; no one brushes their teeth. Their foods are raw and unprocessed. They also do not eat on a regular basis. Many experts on canine nutrition recommend occasional fasting, such as one day without solid food per week or month, to simulate the natural conditions in which these animals evolved.
  • Fasting gives the digestive organs an opportunity to rest and helps the body repair itself. In the wild, predators alternate between gorging themselves and going for one or several days without food, so a once-a-week or once-a-month fast is both beneficial and easy for most dogs to adjust to.”
  • Yorkshire Terrier owner: “BARF is BEST – Use NATURAL and ORGANIC – Treat with HOMEOPATHY – Give LOTS of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
  • Anne Robinson from Menlo Park, CA: sample raw diet for her Collie and Siberian Husky.
  • German Shepherds Harphill Kennels. They specialize in breeding dogs for Tracking, Obedience Trials and Therapy and loyal companions in family environments. They use raw diet and with the minimal vaccinations to produce working and competition litters.
  • Naturally Reared German Wire-haired Pointers. Willow’s diet is now completely raw and natural and includes absolutely NO commercial kibble.
  • Naturally Reared Afghan Hounds. Mary and Peter Voss have been involved with Afghan Hounds (both breeding and rescue) since 1989. Their philosophy: “a dog will catch it’s food and devour nearly all of it…the flesh (good source of protein), fat (a good energy source), bone (high in calcium and helps keep teeth clean), muscle and organ meats, and the stomach contents (filled with plant material consisting of herbs and grasses). The philosophy behind the idea of Natural Rearing is to try and reproduce the way in which dogs feed in their natural state. Natural-Rearing diets are based on fresh foods such as raw meats, raw bones, raw vegetables and herbs. Because dogs in the wild would not eat every day, 1 day of fasting (only for adult dogs) per week is also part of the Natural-Rearing diet. This allows the animal to cleanse it’s body of toxins.”
  • Sample recipe of what Shirley feeds her dog Shasta everyday At 11 years of age, Shasta is in perfect health with excellent vitality. She rarely has to see a vet because she is so healthy. She eats raw eggs, raw organically grown veggies, kelp, flaxseeds, raw whole fish, raw bones, all sorts of raw meats including organ meats and I make sure that all meats I purchase for her at the market is NON-IRRADIATED. I fast her on water every other day.
  • Learn moreGerman Shepherds: The basis of my dogs diet is RAW, meaty bones. I mainly feed them RAW chicken wings, backs, and necks (never cooked, as they can splinter). They also occasionally get oxtail, lamb or raw, whole fish. A couple times a week I will give them offal, which is things like liver, heart, and kidneys. They get raw meat and bones because this is what they naturally would eat. They are meat eaters, and cooking destroys the enzymes in the meat. It is very important that the meat be fed raw, although I soak it in hot water until it is body temperature.
  • Poodles and Dalmatians Read how Dave and Marlene helped their sick Poodles and Dalmatians recover their health with a raw diet. See their sample diet and chart for feeding ratio.
  • Jubilee Airedales are raised on a species-appropriate diet of raw meaty bones, raw meat, and raw vegetable. The Jubilee Diet is a combination of the diets presented in Ian Billinghurst’s books, Give Your Dog a Bone and Grow Your Puppies with Bones; and in Kymythy Schultze’s book, The Ultimate Diet : Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.
  • Natural Frozen Pet Food Supplier
  • What is getting into your pets? Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |  For years the Food and Drug Administration claimed that drugs like sodium pentobarbital, which is used to kill the animals, did not survive  the rendering process. Now the FDA has proof  that it does.
  • Does Your Dog Food Bark?A study of the Pet Food Fallacy
  • Shirley’s Wellness Cafe
    Shirley’s Nutrition and raw food diets samples A cornucopia of helpful information. Holistic health for people and their animals. A must see web site! Great job, Shirley.
  • Ingredients 101 A private commercial feed maker gives some interesting information about what is in meat meal, blood meal, sea meal and much more.
    Free resource tools – print and/or download to save, use, and copy Bone Apetit’s “How Much to Feed” chart to help you determine what is best for your pet.
    Print Feeding Chart (Printer Friendly)
    Download Feeding Chart (Word document)
    CBC’s Marketplace televised a story [Nov 7/01-airdate] focusing on whether a diet a raw meat, bones and vegetables is beneficial for your dog. They asked the question ” What’s better for your pooch? A traditional store bought diet — or one made up of raw meat, bones and vegetables?” Read the FULL STORY and EMAIL US your thoughts.
  • Commercial Pet Food at a Pet Store Read all about Anne’s experience when approached by a commercial pet food representative at her local pet store. They go head-to-head with the pros and cons of BARF versus processed foods.

Some links to websites about the BARF diet. Many of these links include lots of sample recipes.

Thanks to all the great folks that created these great web sites. The information provided here is edited and compiled from these terrific sources.

Remember, this info. is intended to get you started – when changing your pet’s feeding routine’s, please do as much research and education as you can so that all your choices are properly informed!:

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