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A raw food diet is not just good for you – it’s also good science! Science proves that cooking not only destroys nutrition and enzymes but chemically changes foods from the substances needed for optimum health into the acid-forming toxins, free-radicals and poisons that destroy our health!

Raw Food Basics — How to Enjoy a Raw Food Lifestyle

Raw Food Basics: Getting Started with a Raw Food Lifestyle A raw food diet is based on eating live, uncooked and unprocessed foods as a...

Interview with Robert Ross

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xaaw7Nl2EQ&t=10s The Science & Philosophy of Raw Food Robert is the owner & creator of RawFoodLife.com, the #1 website on Google for Raw Food. In his...
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The Importance of a Proper Acid Alkaline Balance in Your Body

When you want to transition to a healthier alkaline diet, it is critical to know which foods are alkaline and which are acidic so...

Discover the Joys of Growing Your Own Wheatgrass

Drinking wheatgrass juice goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia! Egyptians believed wheatgrass was a sacred plant and honored it for...
The raw whole food lifestyle

Whole Food Whole Being — the Philosophy of Raw Food!

My Raw Food Philosophy & Choosing to Live Consciously. Raw food (sometimes called live or living food) is food that has not been cooked...
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