Exposing Dangers of Monsanto’s GMO Frankenfoods

GMO Frankensteins are an attack on life itself!

The concerns over GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is more important today for the raw food community than ever before. I believe that GMO frankenfoods are the single biggest threat to sustainable life on the Earth as we know it — dwarfing climate change. One of the reasons I am a raw foodist is that it is the single biggest thing I can do to protect the environment!

Buying locally produced organic produce not only avoids GMO frankenfoods and their associated chemical like glyphosate. It also avoids purchasing foods grown in third-world countries by exploited workers and shipped thousands of miles or more, using up climate-changing resources of water, fuel and electricity. In addition, by avoiding animal products, which are mostly factory farmed, it reduces my carbon footprint even more, since growing a single cow takes enough water float a battleship (fresh water is a non-renewable resource), as well as heaps of power and fuel to process and transport! Both climate change and engineering are potentially not just cataclysmic, in their worst case scenarios they both have the potential to be extinction-level events! Think about it! — really think about it!

In one early study (2009), an EU research undertook one of the most complete analyses of the health dangers of Monsanto’s GMO corn. Researchers from CRIIGEN and the universities of Caen and Rouen revealed significant side effects linked with the consumption of the GMO corn. Their analysis of Monsanto’s trials discovered unacknowledged adverse effects on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as damage to the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and other organs. This analysis only became possible when the European Union obtained Monsanto’s raw data and made it publicly available.

This was one of the very first times that researchers were able to objectively and independently analyze Monsanto’s raw data — and needless to say, Monsanto grossly misinterpreted the published results of this study! The independent scientists, however, concluded that all the GMOs contained pesticide residues that could cause serious health risks — calling for immediate prohibition on the importation and cultivation of these GMOs  until additional long-term, multi-generational animal studies were done on at least three species to provide more scientifically valid data on the toxic effects of Monsanto’s GMO crops, animal feed and other food products.

Published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, the Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health study demonstrated the toxicity of three GMO corn varieties from Monsanto. (Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering, Criigen, 2008).

“For the first time in the world, we’ve proven that GMOs are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized…. Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems,”  — Gilles-Eric Séralini, EU Commission for Biotechnology Reevaluation

Caen and Rouen University researchers, as well as Criigen researchers, based their analyses on the data supplied by Monsanto to health authorities to get permission for commercialization. But according to Professor Séralini, Monsanto’s conclusions were NOT based on the all of the actual study data. The researchers were able to obtain complete documentation following a legal decision.

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