Natural Relief – How CBD Helps Manage Pain


23222745 - woman touching her backThat CBD helps manage pain is probably cannabis’ oldest acknowledged health benefit. The relief that people with terminal conditions can experience is the real power behind the demand for medical marijuana in many states, and is still one of the most powerful arguments for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The cannabinoid THC has been known as a powerful pain reliever for ages. However, the research on Cannabidiol’s (CBD) pain reduction abilities are only recently getting the headlines it deserves.  The health benefits of CBD have the potential to stop seizures for people patients with epilepsy, and are also valuable for managing pain.

How CBD Helps Reduce Pain

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can reduce inflammation in connective tissue and muscles, reducing pain levels, especially those from swelling. This makes Cannabidiol a perfect treatment for acute pain like sore muscles after a run. It can also be very effective for chronic joint pain like arthritis. The anti-inflammatory activity of CBD reduces swelling — the root cause of the pain. Topical treatments such as IrieCBD’s Pain Balm can provide relief quickly when applied directly to injured or swollen areas, though ingested full spectrum IrieCBD products  and tinctures can also be extremely helpful in healing inflamed tissues.

CBD is a neuro-protectant. That means it counteracts degeneration in the Central Nervous System. This makes CBD of particular interest to researchers looking for new treatments for degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Our bodies naturally make cannabinoids called Endocannabinoids, designed to protect brain cells and reduce central nervous system pain. CBD mimics you naturally occurring cannabinoids, alleviating pain from injuries and other central nervous system problems.

CBD’s anti-oxidant properties reduce damaging oxidation in the body from too many free radicals are present. Clinical research has shown that :

“consuming a diet rich in antioxidants can be helpful for relieving chronic pain. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress, which play a significant role in persistent pain conditions and have been linked to an increase in pain sensitivity (Tall, 2004).”

Superfoods like acai berries and kale are popular because they are amazing anti-oxidants. CBD is rich with anti-oxidants, and IrieCBD tinctures have high concentrations of the cannabinoid that are virtual miracle workers for some co0nditions.

CBD and your endogenous opiod system.  Your body has a natural opiod system to control pain and provides relief when you’re hurt, releasing compounds that can mask the pain and even give us euphoric feelings. This is why pharmaceutical companies market opiates for pain. But opiates are addictive and have side effects. CBD, however, works with both our cannabinoid receptors and our opiod receptors, making it a safer alternative to opiod drugs.

CBD doesn’t have any negative side effects. Because CBD works with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System, you get no negative side effects. It can be highly effective for pain management without being addictive. In some cases patients have been able to completely stop all pain medications. Of course, treatment decisions need to be made after with a physician.

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