How CBD Helps Children — a Safe & Miraculous Option for Parents


When parents think about treatments for their children, safety is is usually their main concern. Children have smaller bodies and their brains and tissues are still developing. So new treatments and medicines must be considered with care. Fortunately today, many children can experience miracles with CBD.

22306338 - cute children with sunglassesInterestingly, it was a child named Charlotte Figi that was the inspiration for CBD’s first big introduction to the medicine cabinet. Charlotte struggled with Dravet’s Syndrome, a type of epilepsy resistant to other medications. Her own miracles with CBD for her seizures catapulted CBD into our cultural consciousness. However, despite some high-profile cases of children with a miraculous response to CBD, there is often hesitation around it due to the misunderstanding that CBD can make kids high. This, of course, is completely false — CBD has no psychoactive effects at all.  Actually, CBD has no major side effects, which not even all traditional medicines given to children can say.

In a study by Dr. Leslie Iversen of Oxford University, cannabis was found to be an “inherently safe” treatment, and in fact was rated as significantly safer than aspirin.

Another study, published by Current Pharmaceutical Design further demonstrated that CBD is completely safe for both adults and children, with absolutely no negative side effects even after taking up to 600mg of CBD.

CBD and Childhood Epilepsy

CBD’s recognition as a highly effective epilepsy treatment is based around it’s benefits for children. Science has supported these stories, with studies proving CBDs ability to be an excellent anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent.

“Another study conducted by the American Epilepsy Society involved 261 people, most of them children, who had been diagnosed with severe epilepsy but were not responding well to pharmaceutical medications. After three months of taking cannabidiol, nearly 50 percent of study participants experienced at least a 50 percent reduction in epileptic/neurological seizures. Minimal side effects such as dry mouth and increased appetite were reported by a few participants. Astonishingly, nine percent of those taking CBD were actually seizure-free following completion of the study.” – Marijuana Doctors

A Natural Treatment for Our Modern Age

CBD has also been demonstrated to be beneficial in the treatment of many other disorders for children. Though more research is necessary to be conclusive, CBD has been given to autistic children with success. USA Today wrote that “Marijuana may be a miracle drug for children with Autism.”  It has also been given to children with ADD and ADHD. Children without any serious need or formal diagnosis can experience miracles with CBD.

Of course, children under 18 years old must have a supervising adult and legal guardian to use CBD. CBD is a food supplement and is legal in all 50 U.S. states. It can be purchased by parents easily without a prescription. In states with medical marijuana dispensaries you can often find high quality CBD products for kids, like IrieCBD’s Kid’s Blend, a low glucose formula with a delicious citrus taste.

irie-logo-150x150The IrieCBD company philosophy is about reconnecting, revitalizing and finding the natural goodness in everything around us. Their products are created with care, consciousness, and connection. IrieCBD is dedicated to finding natural solutions for health and wellness. Their unique products are the result of this belief, combining the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine with the powerful results from pure CBD oil.

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